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One great country with a common ethos, but two very different traditions. If the north doses on cutting chai, the south swears by filter kaapi. Dal-roti gives way to dosaidli. And Hindustani, the grand musical tradition of the north, meets its counterpoint in the Carnatic tradition. The great northern mountains, matched by the great southern oceans. The flamboyance of the north and the introspective south.

The environment, people and traditions are different, and that creates different set of stories. Kavipuvi curates and showcases stories from this side of the Vindhyas for a global audience.

The Story Mill

The Story Mill

Dedicated to developing and producing stories that the southern audiences love, The Story Mill is a bunch of talented people who seek to the capture the quirks and idiosyncrasies of everyone and everything south while being cognizant of a growing, global audience of South Indians. The Story Mill produces everything from branded entertainment, scripted and unscripted shows for different kinds of media channels.

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Our slate

The Tamils

The Tamils

The epic story of the four prominent royal dynasties of TamilNadu



There are complications in her pregnancy. But not the usual kind.

Avan Aval Athu

Avan Aval Athu

As in chess, so in politics. But the game is seldom played by the rules.

The leadership team



The founder of KPV Media. A fourth-generation entrepreneur from the prestigious 65-year-old Dinamalar Group- a leading Tamil Print/Digital media channel. Lakshmipathy has spearheaded several digital initiatives that has made into one of the largest Tamil Portals in the world.



A well-known Indian Film and TV personality. Radha has produced more than 15 films and 10,000 hours of episodic TV content, in addition to his association with more than 50 feature films in multiple domains as Co-writer, Producer, VFX Supervisor, Actor,Casting Director, Tech & Business consultant.


Gautham Swaminathan

Gautham is a Chartered Accountant with decades of experience in International Banking & Financial Services. As an advisor for alternate energy , he has set up several energy projects in India. He currently serves as the financial adviser for new initiatives within the Dinamalar Group.

Siddharth S Kumar

Siddharth S Kumar

Siddharth worked at Lowe Lintas before he founded PixelKraft - a full services agency that created Ram and Ria - India’s first web series. He has played an important role in bringing UK based Centroid Motion Capture into India and has previously served as the Director of Marketing and Strategy for Pramati Technologies.

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